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How to Implement a Sustainability Strategy

Let’s start by clearly defining what is meant by a Sustainability Strategy; a strategy is a collection of thoughts and documented ideas without a clearly defined Action Plan. Action plans are where the rubber hits the road for any strategy and are often known as tactical implementation. Over the last ten years the constant feedback […]

South Africa needs Green jobs not Fracking

In the last few months South Africans have been re-introduced to the reality of fracking in the Karoo. In early September the Cabinet approved the lifting of a moratorium imposed in February last year (2011), allowing licences for the exploration of shale gas in the country to be issued under certain circumstances. Mineral Resources Susan […]

Decentralisation the only solution to sustainable development

The topic sustainable development has been theorised and kicked around more often than most in the last 10 years. If one researches sustainable development and tries to find a conclusive definition one ventures into a quagmire of differing definitions. Two popular definitions include: WWF’s definition: “Improvement of the quality of human life within the carrying […]